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Thou Art King is the most musical noise you have heard. Or the noisiest rock that has ever been recorded. The lyrics are very personal tales and insights into my emotions and thoughts for the present and future. This is hopeful music - while the sound is aggressive the meaning of the lyrics calls for change, for hard work and to have a strong work ethic. Can you hear it?

Thou Art King is inspired by the music of Merzbow, Coil and Wire. Godflesh and and Zoviet France.

Thou Art King, has members from the band Khamsa Khala, which attained notoriety worldwide with the release "All Rites Reversed," and Ancient, Inc.


A Recent Reflection

The latest release by Thou Art King, is titled "A Recent Reflection." 12 tracks of heavy beats and even heavier melodies. All the tracks but one have singing and many have samples or are instrumental. Some instruments on this are handmade but consist mostly of bass, guitar, drums and the random found object. Inspirations range from Arabic mythology to modern day issues.

A Recent Reflection Cover Art


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1. 80 Years - Get in touch with me for a live version of this track

2. Hours to Go

3. Impart - What is passed on?

4. Inside - First song recorded in this style

5. Mutual Consent

6. Where is the Story?

7. Summer of Fire

8. Innocence - I love to play this song live. Want to hear this one live?

9. Why did you do it?

10. Want it To

11. Time Balance

12. I See