Live in New York City

August 18, 2001

-Copies are still available!-

What people have said about this set:


i got my coil package today. i must say that this is top of the line
stuff, i would have thought that it was oficailly done, but in a way it is.
it sounds and looks great. this is a great addition to my coil
collection and i thank you for making it available to everyone.


I received the coil CD/video yesterday. It is completely amazing! I know many would disagree, but this is one of my favorite coil recordings. I don't own everything, but I own a lot and this is one of my very favorites. I felt the price for this was an incredible bargain, especially for how much coil CD's normally go for. The quality is amazing and everything is professionally done. I am very satisfied.


I listened to the CDr and the sound quality
is great. Sems like Coil played a real good show in
NYC. I can't wait to see them on their next tour...


I received your package and was "Immensely" impressed. What a great job you've done. The production was spectacular.
Thank you thank you thank you,
a very happy customer!


hey, the cd is FANTASTIC!!!
playing it over and over again....
again, thanks much!!


I received the cd\video package in the mail today.
Thanks for being so prompt in delivery and thanks for recording and making this available. Everything was topnotch quality.
Hope you have a foot in the reproduction of similar future events.


I just received your video earlier today and I just wanted to thank you for
the fast service and keeping me up to date on my order.Much Thanks!I also
wanted to compliment you on the recording of the video...very
professional..very nice..I almost felt like I was there.I would have given
my right nut to have been at that concert and this is the next best thing.Thanks again.


Just a quick note to let you know I recieved the Coil Video and CDR. Thank
you very much. It looks and sounds beautiful!!! Great Job!


Just received my package Saturday.
The video looks great and the extras are fun to see.
Thanks for your time and doing this.


Just a note to let Don and others know I got the disc/tape just fine and am
enjoying it quite a bit. :) Good Quality, all the nuances are clear,
especially the sound on the disc. I highly recommend this recording to
anyone who wanted to catch up on, or relive the Coil NYC show
experience. And of course am anxiously awaiting further Coil USA dates
(provided of course I can't get to Europe around a show time sooner...).


thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the video and cd [.]
the video is very well done indeed and the soundboard cd recording is even better [!]
thanks so much for the opportunity to relive (again and again) what has
become one of my most memorable nights in recent memory [>>>]


Was probably one of the first to receive my video as in it was received last
week sometime, overall I was surprised at how professional the whole package
looks, video is great quality, as is the cd, many thanks again Don, it is
more then well deserved.


don, i received the video & cd-r. thanks much!!! the cd-r sounds great and
has some live material that was not on a bootleg recording of coil from
their first show of the tour @ RFH that sounds like shit because from the
beginning of the cd [when the guy unzips his jacket and his girl friend
giggles] until the end the sound is muffled. thank you so much for this
extraordinary collection. the sound & video quality, and build your own cd idea is great!!!


Hello, I would like to extend my ex-dream gratitude for the work you have
done to provide this video and cdr. I received them today and am thouroughly enjoyng the disc.


Thank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank
youThank you. Excellent quality video and cd. Your work is very much appreciated.


Your package arrived yesterday. Thanks for this smooth transaction.
I already watched the video and I'm very satisfied with the quality.


Watched the NYC video last night(thanks don ), must say I was very impressed, great sound quality and visuals,
Those white glow suits looked amazing, I loved the points of thoughtful aggression, the blood boys
And metal sheet was superb-


it's a great video and cd, the sound quality also. the finale -constant
shallowness- was a different one then here on june 1 in amsterdam where they
did the show too. the boys looked shy... thanks for sending



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